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Cruise Agency MKruiz

Customer needs
  1. Improving the interface of the website
  2. Improving the usability by changing the design
  3. Adaptation the website to mobile devices
  4. Bug fixing
  5. Creation the new website template
  6. Creation of certain landing pages

What have been done
  1. Site’s mobile version development and implementation
  2. Fixing bugs in front-end
  3. Code refactoring. HTML-document architecture was totally redeveloped
  4. Functional modules (search filters, maps). Cruise maps’ modules were developed using Google Maps API. 2 cruise search filters were developed using pure Javascript
  5. Adding some new features to UI. Some elements were improved by redesign the website components for better UX factors
  6. Adding SEO friendly code
  7. Developing SAAS document architecture. Creation SAAS variable for two website versions which have different design but common HTML and CSS document structure

Tech stack: HTML, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap v.3, JavaScript, jQuery, npm, Gulp.

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