Customer relations management application Love to travel CRM

The goal of the application is to have a CRM fully customized for internal purposes. Application has a streamline process which optimizes the process of working with tourists, helps to track statistics, automates most of the processes and automatically adds accounting records and exports accounting reports.




To have all workers and their roles and responsibilities in one place


To automate most of business processes and automatically track all tourists requests


To automatically create a contract between tourists and agency


To create a database of tourists and create instruments for their management


To automatically track financing such as income, invoicing, etc


To track commission of travel agents

Tech Stack

Php Laravel JQuery
Mysql JS


Tools for uploading a templates for future automatic generation of contracts with tourists
A page for creating a tourist request with financial info and current statuses of their trips
Management of agents and their commissions (CRUD)
Financing and invoicing management
Pop-up notifications for all agents regarding tourists trip, birthdays, air flights, ets
Creating a database of tourists and tools to manage them


CRM works as a web application. The applications streamlines and automates most of the processes, helps track financial information and safely keeps client information for future use.