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An online dating search tool that has been developed for investigation whether your partner is cheating on you. Service accesses more than 50+ popular dating networks and mobile applications, allowing to find any dating profiles.

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The application was broken by a previous intervention, first task was to restore the whole application.


Remove miner viruses.


Refactor the code and redevelop the architecture of the application.


Speed up the search proccess.

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Search Complete


Integrate new design and implement SEO optimization.


Create new control panels for users and admin.


Create additional features and integrate new types of searches.

Tech Stack

Vue Sass ES6 RestApi Laravel Mysql Phantomjs mongodb


Migration the whole application to a new server with new environment
Reinvent the architecture of the application by adding a microserver which was delegated to handle all the searches
New design integration
SEO Optimization
New control panels for users and admin
New types of searches
New payment plans
Creation of blog with separate admin panel for content management


The application started to work again. Dividing the infrastructure drastically increased the speed of search from couple of minutes to 30 seconds. New admin panels improved both user experience and application management for admin. New types of searches allowed to add new pricing plans thus increasing the proposed services for users and more options to gain profit for the owner of the product.
SEO optimization increased the visibility to web search engines.