Online quoting live app

It’s the app that enables real time quoting and status notification of the order on the website. It can be embedded to the website using iframe or modal window. It will show the quote form as well as status chart with information how fast the quote is usually being replied. The status chart also shows the progress info. The status chart also shows the estimation of how many minutes or hours it has taken usually to get the quote. When user submits the form, it will open this window in new separate tab / window with unique URL (eg. ) which will remain active until the vendor change the status of the the quote as ”resolved” from the admin portal.

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Admin panel for managing requests, with role system.


Requests in view of tickets to easily view and manage with drag features.


Quote bot constructor with advanced UX.


A client widget with progress bar and list of current requests.


A chat between the client and merchant with file transfer and other features for status updates.


An easy solution to integrate application with clients website.

Tech Stack

Sass RestApi React React Router Redux ES6 Mysql Laravel Socket


A separated system with front-end part that can be integrated on clients website and admin panel where the client can manage all quote bots and requests.
UX features for adding multiple files at once, copying similar quote bot inputs e.t.c.
Requests in form of tickets which include main info and current status in request which updates in real time with no need of page refresh
Roles system for managing requests and quote bots and for delegating roles for the merchants.
A status circle with current status and short helpful information to keep track of request progress
A flexible constructor for building quote bots with option of two different forms, different type of input, like question or poll or category pick, and with drag feature to easily change the order of inputs.
Statistic which can help you track your progress, and effectiveness comparing to other merchants in your industry who use


The working application with a number of user friendly features, which makes it simple and effective instrument and with built in features that are flexible to use in almost any industry. This marketing tool allows the merchant to make a communication more simple, fast and effective, and help you track your effectiveness.