Realty marketing tool Appartment

The application which helps construction companies to visualize architecture projects and present them on the websites in interactive view. Application is implemented as a widget on the website of the seller with an images of architecture project, buildings, apartments with masks and availability to book the property.



Website for ordering Platform.


Tools for adding multiple images at once.


Apartments tools for adding apartments detailed information and marketing materials.


Built in masks editor with support of multiple angle views of an object.


A solution to integrate application with clients website.

Tech Stack

Sass RestApi React React Router Redux Mysql Laravel


A separated system with front-end part that can be integrated on clients website and admin panel where the client can manage all of his projects and bookings
Back-end with deep level of logic to support the user friendly experience and correct architecture of the backend
A system to manage the application look, enabling and disabling different features to allow clients shaping the application for their needs
Masks editor with the support of multiple views and tools like: copy, step back, step forward, edit, etc.
Roles system for managing client accounts and for delegating roles for the users. Apartment booking system
UX features for adding multiple images at once, copying similar objects, etc.


Working platform with two-way synchronization, analytics and a control system ready for scaling by adding an unlimited number of marketplaces to it.


Niko Huttu
CEO, Home Builder Marketers

Job completed beautifully and competently! I absolutely recommend hiring Konstantin and his team. He's showing real professionalism in everything he does. The team proposed a lot of solutions to drastically improve the user experience and overcame all the challenges with architecture on the project. I will definitely use his services in the future too! Thank you! :)