HR? Who’s that?


Almost every business these days understands how important it is to develop the direction of Hr processes that will allow it to achieve its goals. The success of business depends on the quality of its main function. And the main engine of the process is the human resource. Stability of execution of business plans is supported directly by the team, on which you can rely. This fact is the basis of HR processes, which contribute to the successful development of the business.

More often, many people think that Hr specialists are needed in the company to buy cookies and to give souvenir products. But it is not quite so. This specialist not only performs the function of Santa Claus. :) But directly affects the microclimate of the company. How is this visible? You can get the necessary communication or support, or the same souvenir products on some important dates. From the issue of vacations or professional development to corporate culture.

Yes, this profession has many functions, but what's the bottom line? Although the name implies the idea of taking care of people, HR processes are necessary for business in attracting customers, investments, resources, etc. The chain is that with comfortable working conditions and good employee morale - the company thrives. Why? It's simple, when the team feels good in the company - there is a desire to develop and grow the company. Accordingly, the quality of work is at a high level, and respectively, positively affects the reputation of the company. And a good reputation of the company opens up new opportunities. This is the mechanism of the right microclimate of working conditions.

Every cookie, every kind word and every mutual help makes a huge contribution to business development :)