Good evening, we are from Ukraine!


UFO Engineering is a Ukrainian outsourcing company. We are engaged in full-cycle web development, using various modern technologies. And I would like to highlight the fact that we are a Ukrainian company and to tell you what is going on in our country.

The whole world knows that in the early morning of February 24, 2022, Russia brought its troops into Ukraine. A full-scale war began. This is a great pain for every Ukrainian, because the invaders want to take away our home, our freedom and our lives. Many cities and towns of our country were destroyed due to Russian aggression. But in spite of everything, our people are confidently and courageously fighting for their land and a bright future. Everyone contributes, someone fights, someone helps in volunteer centers, someone transfers money to various humanitarian and military organizations, and our employees are no exception.

War is a very expensive and unprofitable event. The employees of our company want and are ready to help our country not only as soldiers, not only as volunteers, but, like ordinary citizens of their country, thus supporting the economy in our country. All Ukrainians who now have the opportunity to continue their work are also heroes! These people also make an invaluable contribution. UFO Engineering and its people have such a desire and such an opportunity to work, we are very lucky in this.

Our team consists of highly qualified professionals in the field: front-end and back-end development, UI / UX design, SEO-optimization. Most of them are at home - in Ukraine, safe and we emphasize that our company has the opportunity to do its job, namely we develop solutions for SaaS platforms, startups, CRM, CMS, etc. We have experience in the following niches: real estate, social networks, dating sites, healthcare, e-commerce, restaurants, hotels, aggregators, marketplaces, various YMYL projects, construction, etc. Despite the current situation in our country, we are ready and can provide our customers with a quality product made by Ukraine and the Ukrainian people. Be with us, be with Ukraine!