UFO Engineering Adds Another Five-Star Clutch Review To Their Collection

Since day one, our mission here at UFO Engineering has been to expand our client’s businesses on the internet while making their lives easier. We accomplish this through providing quality services with a healthy and effective approach that serves the strength of each project.


We’ve enjoyed a lot of support from our clients as they responded positively to how we do things. This is proven with our latest review on Clutch.




The company we worked with for this project is a startup that serves as a platform for psychologists and their patients. According to their review, they were looking for a reliable team with fair pricing. They found our office and decided to choose us as their partner.


Our main responsibilities on the project included the following: defining the process and technologies for the relevant stakeholders, building the architecture, implementing an admin panel, and developing the video functionality that would be the core of the service.

One development we can discuss came as a result of this review getting published. Thanks to our cumulative score on our Clutch profile, we’re getting noticed on other platforms. UFO Engineering was recently listed on Top Design Firms as one of their top 100 e-commerce developers in Ukraine.


This is a great development for our team for several reasons. First, it serves as an additional platform where potential clients can find us. Second, it quickly communicates the quality of our services in a highly competitive industry. Finally, it lets our team know where we stand skill-wise to the rest of the field.


All these facts point to an upward trajectory we’re excited to see manifest soon. If all this came from the publication of a single review, imagine what we can achieve if we get more.


By visiting our website today, we can learn more about the services that are getting so much praise from clients and third-party platforms. You can also talk to our team directly via phone, email, or our contact page to get more information on how to begin partnering with us.