Wherever you work, one way or another, you’ll face people and communication. Some will face it more, some less, but there is no getting around it. For some, this is a test and the most unloved part of their work; for some, it is the work itself and their favorite thing. People are different; that's a fact. And here I want to talk about part of my work — recruiting. What is recruiting, and what do I do? To make this article more informative, let's add a little history.

Recruitment (previously, it was said about the soldiers who were engaged in the royal army) is hiring for the company's staff or under the order of a client in the case of a recruiting agency: the primary function and responsibility of HR managers and recruiters. The name "recruiter" comes from the word "recruit," which used to be called people who voluntarily went to serve in the army, respectively; a recruiter is the one who selected these people. In the modern sense, recruiters are specialists involved in personnel selection, and their very activity is recruiting.

For the first time, the concept of recruiting appeared in Germany in the 19th century due to the appearance of the first private service for hire. In America, recruiting first appeared with the first American personnel service, known as the "employment exchange," which appeared in 1848 in Boston, Massachusetts. Modern recruiting involves constant search and communication with many potential candidates.

Recruiting is conditionally divided into several types:

    • Headhunting - or poaching employees of other companies (usually from competitors).


    • Mass recruitment. It is made in case of opening a new company or branch. A bright example is the opening of a new supermarket.


    • Classic recruiting is the usual search for a specialist without restrictions on the sources of investigation and means of attracting candidates.


    • E-recruiting is a method of personnel search using Internet resources.


Recruiting is an obligatory and necessary process for every organization in any field of activity: its financial performance directly depends on the quality and efficiency of this process.

Therefore, take into account recruiting managers. A lot, if only some things, depends on the right people in your company.