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Marketplaces aggregator startup


Marketplaces aggregating dashboard

Customer needs
  1. Develop a platform for products’ export/import to marketplaces like and
  2. Automatic two-ways sync between platform and marketplaces.
  3. Creation the functionality for adding products to platform and management them. Syncing all data between the platform and marketplaces.
  4. Gathering clients’ orders’ data from marketplaces to the platform.
  5. UI/UX development and implementation.
  6. Product and orders analytics dashboard development.
  7. Creation functionality to manage users and roles.
  8. Subscription system development. Give users access to different features inside the platform depending on their subscription plans.
  9. Automatic product categories syncing between the platform and marketplaces.

What have been done
  1. Automatic two-way synchronization of import / export of goods and orders with platforms.
  2. We have built a micro-service architecture with independent modules which use caching and queues for a balanced load on the server.
  3. Design implementation.
  4. Processing/managing of orders on the platform for all platform.
  5. Creation and editing of products on the platform.
  6. Detailed analytics, in the form of infographics, regarding each platform in cut: finance, buyers, orders, goods.
  7. Adaptation the YML structure for each platform. And the single binding of rubric for each platform.
  8. Created a system for managing users through roles and batch subscriber plans.

As s result client got working platform with two-way synchronization, analytics and a control system with three connected marketplaces in one interface.

Tech stack:

  1. HTML, CSS, Javascript, JQuery;
  2. PHP, Laravel 5.4-5., Lumen;
  3. PostgreSQL;
  4. NodeJs, Gulp, Bower;
  5. Digital Ocean (Ubuntu 16.04), Azure, server management;
  6. Patterns: Singleton, Facade, Decorator, Factory;
  7. RestAPI for website requests;
  8. Git/Bitbucket for source code version control.

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