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Software for Swiss Clinic (NDA)

Customer needs
  1. Each doctor may have several patients. For each patient is necessary to carry out a set of tests that determining health status.
  2. For each of the tests, there are certain parameters that need to be identified and record (eg frequency of the movements).
  3. Thus we need to handle, recognize, analyze and store massive amounts of data.
  4. The most important - to reflect changes in the dynamics of each of the parameters.

What have been done

We developed an individual dashboard for doctors. It allows to do:

  1. Doctors registration.
  2. Add unlimited number of tests (for each doctor and for each patient).
  3. Detailed analysis on the results of the test.
  4. View patient's dynamics by period.
  5. Generation of PDF reports.

Tech stack: PHP7, Laravel, PostgreSQL, FPDI.

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